Roseville Adult Center

What We Do

Roseville Adult Center is unique in its commitment to provide a venue of services to meet the diverse demands of the city’s population. Students attending Roseville Adult Center will gain a better understanding of life and grow in their ability to make personal choices based on self-awareness and exercise their choices within the context of the family and the community. Through program activities they will experience a well-balanced life, learn to communicate their needs, and realize their self-worth. They will achieve a higher level of independence, taking on the world with a new determination to reach their full potential and help others to reach theirs.

Vocational Training
Bridges to Independence

How We Do It

Roseville Adult Center delivers a well-rounded curriculum encompassing daily living practices, health and physical fitness, vocational training, cognitive growth, and leisure activities.

  • Emphasizing training within the community to learn life-applicable skills.
  • Fostering accurate communication and appropriate social behavior.
  • Providing encouragement and support to pursue personal goals and overcome individual challenges.
  • Offering job skills development and individual coaching for vocational success.

Who We Are

Roseville Adult Center is funded by Alta California Regional Center and licensed by the State of California. Roseville Adult Center serves 75 young to elder adults in a one staff to every three adult support ratio. All students have been diagnosed with a developmental disability and are clients of Alta California Regional Center. Services are available year round, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm.


Roseville Adult Center is located in downtown Roseville with walking and transit access to shops, restaurants, and activities available in Roseville and surrounding areas. Roseville Adult Center is an integral part of both the city of Roseville and Placer County, as a patron, a collaborator, and a participant in traditional activities such as the 4th of July and Christmas Parades.

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